SG150 Smartgyro (80-95´)

Stabilizator SG150

Smartgyro žiroskopski stabilizator za brodove od 80-95´

Smartgyro SG150 is the gyro stabilizer of choice for boats from 80-95 ft. Ideal for both new builds and refit installations, the stabilizer can be fully serviced on-board the vessel without the need to lift out for maintenance, ensuring significant time and cost savings.

Target Boat: 80 – 95’ or up to 100 tons

Maximum Rated Speed: 5.000 RPM

Angular Momentum: 37.000 Nms at max. rated speed

Anti-Rolling Torque: 76.000 Nm at max. rated speed

Input Voltage (AC): 380V nominal, 50/60 Hz, three phase

Input Voltage (DC): 24 Vdc

Envelope Dimensions: 1.36 x 1.41 x 1.02 m [53.5 x 55.5 x 40.1 in]

Weight: 1890 kg [4167 lbs]




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